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Nicaragua, Little Corn Island, Cocal beach, view from Casa Iguana Hotel bar

6 Best beaches in Nicaragua

Ultimate guide (June 2024)
Nicaragua, Little Corn Island, Cocal beach, view from Casa Iguana Hotel bar
Cocal (Little Corn Beach) is the best beach in Nicaragua, located in the east of Little Corn Island in the Caribbean. Local landscape… / read more » /
Rating: 8.9 (462 votes)
Nicaragua, Cayos Perlas beach
Cayos Perlas is a group of small islands near the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. This is little-known and remote place with excellent postcar… / read more » /
Rating: 8.5 (980 votes)
Nicaragua, Big Corn Island, Long Bay beach
Long Bay is a beach in Big Corn Island in Nicaragua. The beach is nice, though not the best one. / read more » /
Rating: 8.2 (266 votes)
Nicaragua, Barcelo Montelimar beach
Montelimar is one of the best hotel's beaches on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. There are a lot of palm trees, almost white sand, and it'… / read more » /
Rating: 7.6 (427 votes)
Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur beach
San Juan del Sur is a popular beach town not far from Managua - the capital of Nicaragua. The place is very positive with funny youth crowd. The… / read more » /
Rating: 7.5 (106 votes)
Nicaragua, Las Penitas beach
Las Penitas is a small fishing village with good surfer beach. As for the pure beach holiday, it's not so good with its dark sand, waves an… / read more » /
Rating: 7.3 (82 votes)
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