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Riptide beach

Ultimate guide (June 2024)
Riptide is a private beach in the west of Koror island, Palau. The place is beautiful, but without any service like sunbeds or shower. However, the swimming and snorkeling are very good here. Entrance to the beach is US$10 per person. But it will be free, if you order something at Riptide Beach Bar & Grill. Since the dish is about US$6-$30, it makes sense to visit this restaurant. Shore and seabed: sand, stones. [edit]
This beach ranks #2 of the "Best beaches in Koror"
Rating: 8.2 - 44 votes [vote]
Coordinates: 7.329448, 134.454446
See also: Koror island

Hotels [edit]

Malakal Central, West Plaza Malakal and Palau Royal Resort are the most notable hotels in the district. Rooms' fares range from US$120 to US$300 per night. So this is rather expensive destination.

How to get there [edit]

Fly to Palau international airport (ROR). Next take a taxi or get by bus.

When to go [edit]

The best time for a beach holiday in Palau is a dry season from February to April.

Rainfall, mm
Rainfall, mm

Water temperature, C
Water temperature, C

Temperature, C
Temperature, C

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