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Jordan, Aqaba beach

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Jordan, Aqaba beach
Aqaba is a resort town on the Red Sea in Jordan. The beach is quite the same as in the neighboring Eilat, but with the Muslim specific. For example, women in bikini are not a good idea on public beaches. So you'll have to stay in a beachfron resort, or just pay some fee to get to the hotel's beach. Diving and snorkelling are excellent, - as everywhere on the Red Sea. All of the above also applies to the suburbs of Aqaba. / read more » /
Rating: 7.3 (98 votes)

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Jordan, Dead Sea, Amman public beach
Amman Beach is the most popular beach on the Dead Sea in Jordan. The landscape is rather boring - like everywhere in the Dead Sea. Standard attractions are swimming in salt water and mud baths. There is a public beach, as well as the more pretty hotel's area. Entrance fee is applied anyway, but the hotel is more expensive (about $30). It is not permitted to take your food and water. Bikini swimwear is not prohibited, but lonely women may get unwanted attention from local men. / read more » /
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[2017-10-31] Kayden

I highly recommend to everybody Wadi Rum national park in Jordan. There are a lot of jeep tours, but in my opinion the best is 2D1N (2 days & 1 night). As for the winter, the best is a full-day tour, because nights are cold there in winter.

[2017-08-05] Brian

There's nothing to do two days in Petra. Jordan has a lot of interesting places. For example, Umm Qais. But if you have more than a week for Jordan, than two days for Petra is quite reasonable.

[2017-08-05] Natalia

One day is quite Ok for the main trek in Petra. But there are a lot of secondary treks. I'm not sure will it be interesting for you.

[2017-08-05] Alex

One day in Petra. Is it enough?

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