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Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Bathing Lagoon beach, resort

4 Best beaches in Kiritimati island (Christmas Island)

Ultimate guide (July 2024)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Bathing Lagoon beach, resort
Bathing Lagoon - the best beach in the Kiritimati atoll. This is an internal lagoon, so there is almost no waves and the water is perfectly cl… / read more » /
Rating: 8.6 (429 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Poland beach
Poland - the beach near the village called "Poland" in Kiritimati island. In the entire atoll it is the only good beach looking at the… / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (591 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Boating Lagoon beach, sandbank
Boating Lagoon - large inner lagoon with excellent beaches in Kiritimati atoll. Much of the coastline is a deserted landscape, which, incident… / read more » /
Rating: 8.2 (240 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), London beach, inner lagoon
London - village in the west of Kiritimati atoll. While the beaches facing open ocean are of rather poor quality, the inner lagoon is … / read more » /
Rating: 7.1 (433 votes)
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