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Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Bathing Lagoon beach, resort

4 Best beaches in Kiritimati island (Christmas Island)

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Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Bathing Lagoon beach, resort
Bathing Lagoon - the best beach in the Kiritimati atoll. This is an internal lagoon, so there is almost no waves and the water is perfectly clear. Also, there are such rare (by Kiritimati standards) attributes of a beach holiday like sun loungers and parasols. / read more » /
Rating: 8.6 (111 votes)

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Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Poland beach
Poland - the beach near the village called "Poland" in Kiritimati island. In the entire atoll it is the only good beach looking at the open ocean. Be careful, as strong currents can carry you away far from the shore. / read more » /
Rating: 8.4 (97 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), Boating Lagoon beach, sandbank
Boating Lagoon - large inner lagoon with excellent beaches in Kiritimati atoll. Much of the coastline is a deserted landscape, which, incidentally, only adds to the charm of this place. / read more » /
Rating: 8.2 (53 votes)
Kiribati, Kiritimati (Christmas Island), London beach, inner lagoon
London - village in the west of Kiritimati atoll. While the beaches facing open ocean are of rather poor quality, the inner lagoon is very pleasant. / read more » /
Rating: 7.1 (51 votes)
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