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Tunisia, Djerba island, East Beach

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Tunisia, Djerba island, East Beach
East Beach - the east coast of Djerba island, mostly occupied by the beach hotels. Northern beach is called Plage de Sidi Mahres, while south beach is called Plage de la Seguia, however there's no fundamental difference between them. The beach itself is not too good, so it's important to choose a good hotel. / read more » /
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[2017-10-15] Lena

Tunisia is not quite the safe country. But many travellers reported, that everything was fine.

[2017-10-15] Noella

Is it safe to travel around the country by train / rental car?

How much will I pay per day?

[2017-07-27] Daria

I don't think, that everything is so bad with Tunisia. In my opinion, it is worth a visit if buy a cheap tour to good hotel. But I agree, that this is rather dirty country.

[2017-07-27] sss

Beaches in Tunisia are very bad! As for me the whole country in not worth a visit. It's not interesting & dirty!

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